In the midst of ever increasing workplace change and uncertainty, the importance of career management for both employer and employee has never been greater, or more obvious.

The most underused resource in organisations today is the discretionary effort and energy of employees. This is not in dispute.

Motivated employees who constantly grow their capability to contribute in the direction the organisation needs, have a significant impact on business results.

Human Resources Consulting offers consulting services, individual programs and workshops and workbooks. These are designed to get employees to focus and motivate themselves to grow their capabilities in the direction of business needs and positively impact on business results.

We provide these services in the following areas:

  • Career Development
  • Change Management
  • Talent Development
  • Retaining Talented Employees
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Succession Management
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Individual Career Coaching
  • Setting Performance Agreements
  • Performance Management