Human Resources Consulting Pty Ltd was incorporated in May 1991. The HRC core business was founded on the selection of high quality candidates aided by the informed application of psychological assessment and backed up with a 12 month performance guarantee.

We continue to offer a 12 month performance guarantee and our success rate is in the High Distinction range. Since then, HRC has broadened its expertise by providing a wide range of HR services to both commerce and government. We have expertise in human resources related investigations and assignments with particular expertise in the conduct of;

  • Search, Recruiting, evaluation and shortlisting for Leadership, C-Level, Executive and Sales
  • Psychometric Testing, interpretation and reporting
  • Competencies focused, Behavioral Event Interviewing
  • Assessment Centre Operation
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Career Mentoring and Outplacement Counselling
  • Employee Counselling
  • Our skills are applicable across most industry sectors and occupations get more information