Development Centres are very similar to assessment centres in the nature and type of exercises undertaken.

The main differences between the two relate to:

  • Areas of weakness being seen as development areas rather than an obstacle to selection
  • Greater challenge being present in the development centre to “stretch” participants
  • The report being written for an individual’s development and either being only for the participant or for the participant and their manager/mentor
  • The amount and type of feedback given
  • Setting action plans for improvement
  • Follow up sessions being planned to monitor progress

As we do for the assessment centres, we will either use your existing competency framework or work with you to define the competencies appropriate to the role that the individuals are being groomed for.

We will then select a mix of exercises that will assess each of these in several different ways. According to your preference, we will either train your staff in assessment or use Human Resources Consulting accredited assessors. We will provide a detailed report to each candidate highlighting their strengths and development areas in each of the competencies, as well as targeted developmental suggestions. The development centre will be constructed and run according to adult learning principles to best guarantee improvement in participants.