The link between employee turnover, absenteeism and bottom line profits is well known. Recent studies have also found that employee satisfaction has a direct impact on the bottom line.

This means, that if your people are well motivated and satisfied with their work, you will be well on the way to maximising your bottom line.” 1

A well-designed and implemented employee survey gives employees a channel for bottom-up communication. Assessment of organisational climate and culture enables you to identify areas for improvement, track managerial performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of organisational change initiatives. We can help you benchmark your performance externally (with hundreds of other organisations in our database), internally (across different areas or demographic groups within your own organisation), or historically (across time).

Unfortunately most attitude surveys are low on credentials, long on analysis and light on action. Human Resources Consulting offers a different and more powerful approach to analysing your needs.

We are analysts and change management specialists, and we have worked closely with leading-edge researchers to develop and deliver best-of-breed employee surveys. Our key driver approach allows you to focus your actions by identifying areas that will have the most impact on what you want to achieve. This translates into high performance work practices (hpwp).

To aid this process, we:

  • fully involve key decision makers and key influencers at every stage of the project
  • tailor surveys and survey delivery media (e-mail, Internet, paper and pencil, or telephone) to best meet the individual culture of your organisation
  • introduce effective communication strategies
  • produce multi-layered reports that present key messages upfront in simple language but also provide further details for those who are interested in delving deeper, and
  • work with key executives to produce action plans to move forward

We’ll provide third path objectivity and guaranteed confidentiality to minimise any concerns your employees or mangers may have. We’ll conduct the analyses and produce the results. And because our specialty is change management, we’ll help you interpret the data in a way that turns analysis into action.


1 Rucci, Kirn, and Quinn (1998). The Employee-customer-profit chain at Sears. Harvard Business Review, pp. 82-97. Heskett et al (1994). Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. Harvard Business Review, pp. 164-174.