Corporate Capability

Human Resources Consulting has sound knowledge of the recruitment process in the public sector.

We are a past member in good standing of the NSW Panel 881 for IT Contractors recruitment and can point to a successful 14 year history of recruitment for the NSW and Federal public sector.

We have also provided project based executive recruitment services to state government trading enterprises such as Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests, RTA, State Rail and Department of Housing and a number of other agencies and departments including the Department of Defence and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Human Resources Consulting maintains the highest ethical standards in all its dealings. It places a high priority on ensuring that all personnel it has under contract that are placed with government agencies are not only technically qualified but that they have a knowledge of, commitment and capacity to implement, adhere to, and promote the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity, Occupational Health and Safety, Ethical Practices and the Charter of Principles for a Culturally Diverse Society, in accordance with Government Policy lire cet article. Additionally, our personnel must confirm they will observe Government Code of Conduct while placed in government assignments.

The two Partners supporting our Government work have more than 40 years experience in the public service at a responsible level and have written and lectured on the subject.