While organisations are involved in mergers acquisitions and receivership, (times of traumatic cultural transition), we are able to offer a highly effective due diligence tool essentially to accountants and lawyers who work in these areas.

The due diligence package has five steps which include a strategic diagnosis to identify client parameters, undertaking an organisational / cultural climate survey, carrying out structured sampling of key contributors, doing individual psychometric assessment on the same key contributors and then putting together a due diligence report which includes a quantification of the human capital and related intangible assets and putting together a risk assessment profile.

For post merger and acquisition situations an adaptation of the due diligence package, called the human resources audit, can be carried out for any major organisation in transition. The human resources audit can be as short as a one day structured workshop or can have all the elements of the due diligence package. In some instances organisations may wish to undertake an annual one day human resources audit workshop to put into place their human resources plan for the next 12 months, identifying those areas to be outsourced and those to be insourced and the strategies to be used.