Despite change almost becoming the norm in most organisations, it is still an area that has the capacity to cause severe disruption to any organisation.

Poorly managed change leads to absenteeism, staff turnover, lost productivity, and management focussing on issues other than their core business https://pharmacieind..cialis.  The organisation can take significant periods of time to recover from negative impacts on the bottom line.

Well-managed change, on the other hand, turns resistance to support and leads to employees embracing the future.

Human Resources Consulting works with organisations to provide clarity around change initiatives.  Using this clarity as a starting point, we work with your management and employees to ensure that all levels of the organisation own the change and are responsible for their part in its implementation.

We make sure that employees know what’s coming, what is expected of them, how the change will affect their jobs and why it’s important to them.  As not everyone will necessarily be comfortable in the new organisation, we can provide outplacement services to those displaced by the change.  We can then work with your organisation to select people who fit the desired characteristics of members of the new workgroup, thus accelerating the process of change.

Our change philosophy maximises communication at all stages of change and involves employees in realigning their work to fit in with the new structure. Our aim is to move from the current state to the desired state in the fastest possible time with the minimum of disruption to organisational performance.