Managing Separations Successfully

“The only constant is change” is an accurate description of business today. The impact of globalisation, technology, new legislation, new markets, competition and so on has meant that the need to anticipate and keep pace with change is imperative for survival.

Whether your organisation is undergoing technological or cultural changes, restructuring, merging, downsizing, or divesting business units, the impact of change on your employees can be difficult. When that change involves job redundancies and retrenchment of employees, the effect can be devastating for individuals and remaining staff, and de-stabilising for the organisation if not handled in a professional and sensitive manner. Human Resources Consulting Career Transition Services can provide a framework and a systematic process to facilitate these changes.

Client Benefits – What can career transition services do for you?

  • Act as a catalyst for positive change for both the released individuals and the organisation
  • Minimise the negative and damaging consequences of retrenchment
  • Motivate remaining employees to refocus and resume business
  • Demonstrate company commitment to the welfare of released and remaining employees
  • Help remaining employees maintain loyalty to the organisation
  • Minimise the attrition from remaining employee population
  • Minimise negative press and protect corporate image
  • Minimise the likelihood of legal action

In most cases our services are made available to employees who have been contributors to the past successes of their organisation. When circumstances dictate that their release is imperative, the organisation can ensure that the changes they face are managed in a professional manner.