Outsourcing or Merger HR Activities

No matter what industry you are in, outsourcing and mergers are becoming a regular part of life in business. Typically these projects will place additional (sometimes unplanned) workload pressures throughout nearly all department within the companies involved.

When an outsourcing or merger activity will involve employees moving from one company to another, the HR Team is one of the most critical players in the transaction. Human Resources Consulting will conduct an HR focussed planning and strategy session to position your HR team to successfully work with the business through the various phases of an outsourcing or merger activity.

As every outsourcing or merger project is unique, Human Resources Consulting will conduct sessions with you to meet the specific needs of your project which may include –

  • Determining key HR Strategies (aimed at ensuring the movement of employees form one employer to another is successfully completed)
  • Completing an HR focussed project plan – determining key HR activities (including Communications Plan, Approach to job offers, critical employees, industrial relations considerations, etc.)
  • On-site project management of outsourcing/merger activities are determined in the HR project plan

Following the initial planning and strategy session, Human Resources Consulting can also partner with you at agreed intervals as a ‘project checkpoint’ and sounding board as you move through the various stages of the project lifecycle.