Psychometric Assessment in the hands of a dedicated and experienced professional is invaluable in providing insight into the person being assessed.

These assessments provide a method for quick, thorough and effective evaluation of a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence, Ability, Motivation, Personal Style, Career and Vocational Interests, Aptitudes for specific fields of endeavour and 360° assessments by peers, subordinate and superiors. These assessments, appropriately applied, allow the employer to obtain an independent understanding of the person they are about to employ, to promote or retain.

Psychometric Assessments provide reliable information on:

  • how the potential employee is likely to ‘fit’ the job and the workplace culture;
  • who is the best person for promotion;
  • which employees should be considered for succession planning;
  • how to manage the new employee to the best effect.

The KEY to the value of Psychometric Assessment lies in the scientific development and the rigor applied. This rigor extends to:

  • concept development;
  • item development;
  • item correlation;
  • item characteristics including, ‘degree of difficulty’ score;
  • item selection for single, parallel or multiple forms of tests;
  • rejection or selection of items which will enhance the accuracy of tests where a cut-off score might be applied;
  • identification by research, the stability and validity of the test(s).

Not all tests have this rigor applied viagra no prescription.

Tests worthy of the term Psychometric or Psychological Assessment meet the professional standards for Reliability and Validity. Psychometric Tests achieve these standards by the actions above and:

  • publication of initial development research which has been peer reviewed;
  • publication of research replication by an independent researcher which has been peer reviewed and which confirms findings of the original research;
  • users restricted to professional persons trained in their use

which result in providing Evidence-Based information on candidates.


Human Resources Consulting only use psychometric assessment tests which meet our high standards of Validity and Reliability which are interpreted by experienced and Registered Organisational Psychologists.

Identification of talent comes from combining test results with information gleaned from a Behaviourally-Based questioning at Interview. Only then can Evidence-Based recommendations be made.

Psychometric Assessment and Interview Reports can be used as part of the recruiting and selection process or as a stand-alone service to validate selection of your preferred candidate.